What we do


FWD has the experience and knowledge in varies types plumbing systems designs. Which includes all types of applications water distribution systems, DWV (Drain Waste Vent) systems, storm drainage design for new or renovation buildings or facilities projects. We undertake designs for Medical gases and Laboratory gases systems.

Recent plumbing design projects were involved with include research laboratories, dentistry operatories, mental health facilities, hospitals, hotels, Low rise & High rise multi-residential complexes. Domestic water distribution repipe for above and below grade. Outdoor swimming pool deck drainage system replacement and snow melt system.


FWD Engineering Ltd. (FWD) is experienced and knowledgeable in all types of standard HVAC systems such as Rooftop Units (RTU’s), Hydronic heating systems, variable and constant volume systems. To newer, more efficient and specialized technology’s ranging from Displacement Ventilation, Chilled Slab and Chilled Beam systems, Laboratory Exhaust, Ventilation systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV and ERV) systems.

In addition to FWD’s comfort cooling design background, we are also diverse in HVAC designs & systems for computer, critical equipment rooms and space designs having high heat emitting equipment where Critical Cooling systems and Designs are necessary.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Protection designs, sprinkler drawings, and fire protection sprinkler hydraulic calculations are carried out in accordance with the latest Building Code and Fire Code requirements are in accordance with NFPA standards.

All designs, whether large or small are carefully coordinated and layout, taking into account buildings` occupancies types, usages and hazard clarifications rating.

Energy Modeling

FWD Engineering are BC Hydro and Fortis listed Energy Partners and undertake energy audits and modelling and offer incentive funding applications.


FWD Engineering Ltd. (FWD) Electrical is experienced and knowledgeable in Electrical Applications of the Canadian Electrical Code, Local Building and Municipal bylaws for Buildings of all types.

FWD offers Electrical Consulting Engineering Services for the Design and Contract Administration of Building Systems – Electrical Power, Communications, Security, Generators, Medical Systems, Patient Care Areas and Life Safety Systems for Commercial, Multi-purposes Complexes, Multi-Residential Complexes, Health Care facilities, Institutional and Industrial Buildings.

FWD also offers Electrical Consulting Engineering Services for the Design and Contract Administration for Light Industrial, Process Industries and Materials Handling for Industrial Applications.


FWD Engineering Ltd. uses the latest versions of AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® MEP, Autodesk® and REVIT® MEP in preparing our 2D & 3D design documents.

Our licensed software ensures us the most up to date versions to ensure access to the latest and greatest technology offered from AutoCAD® to create the most accurate drawing for our designs.

We are able to adapt our In-House standards to meet any client requirements.


Mechanical, Electrical & Energy Studies and reports to studies. We can provide independent reports or work as part of a team to perform full building analyses.

If required our calculations are completed using Revit® MEP, Trace 700, Excel. Energy / Design Analysis can be provided in RETScreen, Autodesk® Revit® MEP, Autodesk® CFD and Green Building Analysis software.

Samples of Reports we provide are: